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What kind of milk do you use?

Our cheeses are all made from raw cows' milk produced by owner/cheesemaker Nancy Taber Richards' family at adjacent Taber Hill Farms.  Taber Hill has a Holstein dairy of about 50 milking cows.  They also grow forages and grain on some 600 acres.  The farm has been in the Taber family since 1919.

  • Our milk is rBST-free (i.e. no added Bovine Growth-Hormone);
  • We do not use antibiotics on our cows without a veterinarian's recommendation (i.e. no treatment unless the animal is ill, in which case the milk is discarded);
  • • Cows are on pasture essentially 24 hours a day, in season.
  • • We grow the cows' winter forage and most of the inputs for the grain rations.

What does FARMSTEAD mean? 

The term “Farmstead” defines our cheese as being made with the milk from one farm only.  It is a narrower term within the category of “Artisan” or “Artisanal” cheese, which is given to cheeses made in a special way - hand produced, traditionally aged, or otherwise having special qualities.  All of our cheeses are aged for a minimum of 60 days.

What is RAW milk and why do you use it?

Raw, or unpasteurized, milk is milk in its natural state.  We take milk produced at the dairy directly from the farm to the cheesery a half-mile away.  Milk is inherently a healthful product, although it is (like all foods) susceptible to unhealthy contaminations.  We closely watch the quality of the milk during all stages of our process.   Pasteurization is one safeguard against possible contamination, but pasteurized milk and cheese can also become contaminated.  We choose to offer a raw milk product for those who prefer to have that choice.  We believe that great quality raw milk can give our aged cheeses an edge in quality.

What cheeses do you make?

Currently, we produce two basic styles of cheese, both aged raw cow's milk cheeses. All cheeses have a suggested retail price of $16.50 per pound.

“Schuyler” (pronounced “sky'-ler” in this neck of the woods), is based in the Dutch Gouda (Boerenkaas) tradition.  It is named for our county, which is named after a prominent early Dutch settler.  We use a typical Dutch sponge-on yellow coating for the Schuyler cheese.

Our “Red Meck” cheese (notice the “M” in “Meck” for our village of Mecklenburg), is made similarly to Schuyler, but is aged differently.  We use an aromatic red bacteria surface wash, and in so doing encourage the development of this characteristic natural rind and tangy, lingering cheese flavor.

 “Bier Meck” is our Red Meck cheese that was soaked in brine made from Ithaca Beer Company's Smoked Porter Ale. 


*All are based on the "Schuyler" variety and are available in limited quantities.

Dried Tomato, Basil & Oregano - a Mediterranean-style blend. Smooth.
Cumin Seed - A traditional Dutch mix (known as °∞Leyden°± cheese).  Exotic.  Slice thin.
Herbes de Provence - Made with this French herb blend containing: Rosemary, Thyme, Savory, Fennel Seed, Basil, Lavender and Marjoram.
Garlic, Onion & Chive - just the right bite.
Caraway Seed - a fine complement for fresh rye bread & crisp apples.
Fenugreek - An Indian spice. Lends the cheese a subtle nutty flavor with a hint of curry in the aftertaste.  Try with fresh pears.

Other available flavors:

Jalape_o; Whole Clove Mustard Seed; Green Peppercorn Blend; and Stinging Nettle.



Cheese Care statement

Store cheese in a cool place or refrigerator, and serve at room temperature or slightly below.  Wrap cut cheese in plastic wrap or waxed paper.  Trim away rind before eating. 

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